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New Administration Takes Office, How Green Will They Go

Upon taking office, President Biden has announced a series of climate-related initiatives. On his first day in office, he returned the USA to the Paris accord. He also cancelled the permit for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

“Our climate plans are ambitious,” Biden stated. “We’ve waited too long to deal with the climate crisis. We cannot wait any longer.”

The President is pushing a $2 Trillion climate plan that emphasizes the elimination of fossil fuels and emissions by 2050. He also is focused on conserving 30% of federal lands and water by 2030, and has halted all new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

Biden has announced a climate change directive for national security, focusing on green job creation and environmental justice for those most vulnerable to climate change.

The aggressive actions by Biden in his first days of office have certainly set the state for what to expect out of his administration in the coming weeks, months, and years. Pair this extreme environmental agenda with the push for “Green Deal” initiatives and we can expect to see something far more than “ambitious”.

Numerous environmental groups have come out in support of the President’s early actions, praising his efforts and calling him a hero for the climate. These same environmental groups will be back at it, arguing the administration hasn’t done enough when they want to push their dangerous agenda further up the progressive timeline. If the Biden Administration is already siding with these radical groups in such a dramatic fashion, we can expect to see more of the same agenda in time.

It is more critical than ever that production agriculture come together on the issues of the environment, sustainability, and climate change. Remember, the environmentalists that push the charade of climate change are those same groups pushing for an end to animal agriculture altogether. They are feeling justified and emboldened by the actions of the President, especially when it comes at the cost of the dismantling of the Trump Administration’s initiatives. The actions they are taking for “climate change” are most simply motivated to eliminate any existence of the Trump Presidency.

Stay informed, because it is going to require a significant amount of voices to combat the environmentalist agenda, and now they have an Administration and Congress willing to help!


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