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  • I am not a cattle producer, can I still join KCA?"
    Yes, anyone can be a member of KCA. In order to vote and set policy, you must be an agriculture producer.
  • Can I be a member of KCA even if I live in another state.
    There are no geographical restrictions to membership. KCA has members all over the USA and even internationally. KCA has an active presence in Washington, D.C. and Topeka, KS. We also work with other states in support of indpendent producers.
  • Is KCA an affiliate member of any national organizations or businesses?
    KCA is independent of any organization or business afilliation. We are a grassroots organization that works specifically by the direction of the KCA membership without influence from outside interests.
  • What is the difference between KCA and KLA/NCBA?
    There are many differences, but KCA is primarily focused on the improvement of independent cattle production. KCA believes that the interests of the corporate beef packing industry (industrial manufacturing) and cattle ranchers are too far apart to appropriately represent one without conflicting interests of the other. KLA/NCBA represent both the beef packing industry and cattle rancher's interests which has driven excessive compromise by cattle producers over the years.
  • How is KCA connected to Beef Checkoff?
    KCA is a nominating organization for the Cattlemen's Beef Board. KCA does not receive any checkoff funds. KCA supports separating the Federation and the Cattlemen's Beef Board. See our full policy for more information.
  • How is the Board of Directors elected?
    Director nominations are received during the annual business meeting. Accepted nominations are then put to a membership vote via mail-in ballot. The Executive Committee is elected by and from within the board of directors.
  • How is policy set by the organization?
    Each of the KCA resolutions is reviewed by voting members during the annual business meeting. The policy set during the meeting is then put to a membership vote via mail-in ballot.
  • What is the Feedyard Support Program, and how I can be involved. "
    The Feedyard support program is a voluntary monthly donation. The donation helps provide funds to support a paid KCA staff, KCA publications, county meetings, supplements trips made to Topeka and Washington D.C. for the purpose of lobbying for our members. KCA Feedyards receive recognition in all KCA Publications, Annual Directory, Annual Convention Directory, and on the KCA website. To get started, simply call the KCA office at 785-238-1483 or email
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