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About us

In Your Community

Each year, KCA is involved in a number of events throughout the state. KCA attends and provides information at county cattlemen’s events, hosts regional informational and membership meetings, and participates in area farm shows. You can count on KCA to work with area cattlemen to create seminars that help cattlemen to keep profitability in your operation.


Working for You

KCA is actively involved in state and national legislation. KCA takes a proactive stance to support producers. As an active member of the Kansas Technical Committee, KCA offers the cattleman’s perspective to conservation programs. KCA is also active in regulatory meetings to preserve cattlemen’s interest and protect producers from unjustified regulations and burdens.


Member Benefits

As a member of KCA, you will be a part of an organization that works and cares about you. You will have representation in Topeka and Washington D.C., and you will be a part of a grassroots producer group. KCA is an organization that is ran strictly by producers for producers. As a member of KCA, you get to vote on the issues of your organization. 

Who We Are

The Kansas Cattlemen's Association began in 1998 with a mission to provide meaningful representation to the independent cattle producer. KCA is a non-profit association, solely funded and lead by independent producing members and donations. Each member has an equal influence with regard to all initiatives driven by KCA. 


Where we stand

KCA is committed to restoring profits, self-esteem, freedom, fair trade, trust and community pride back to the farms, ranches and rural communities across Kansas and the nation.

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