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KCA Membership Speaks Out About Beef Checkoff

When we congregate to pray, our prayers in unison exalt a volume much greater than any prayer spoken alone. When cattlemen contribute a simple dollar to the checkoff, the volume exalted from the many contributions generate a promotion and research fund of $80 million. This is a model that has proven to benefit the beef industry $11 to every $1. However, unlike how we trust our prayers with the angels above, a shadow of leadership hovers over checkoff coffers, like that of a puppet master pulling the purse strings of the Kansas Beef Council (KBC).

The title of the KBC bylaws encourages curiosity, “Operational By-Laws, Kansas Beef Council, An Organization of the Kansas Livestock Association (KLA).” The title is questionable; due to the fact that KBC is promoted as an independent, stand alone, non-influenced management committee of Kansas beef checkoff assessments. This concept is reiterated in the first paragraph of the bylaws, “shall operate as a separate and segregated entity”. The conclusion is the title is strange, but there is no evidence of impropriety in a title.

The Kansas Beef Council is organized for the purpose of collecting and administering beef checkoff assessments. The act prohibits the use of funds collected for beef checkoff to be used for the purpose of influencing governmental action or policy. This is for good reason. The assessments levied by the beef checkoff literally represent every cattle producing member of the country. When a managing entity over a beef cou