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Kansas Cattlemen’s Association Votes on Policy and New Board Members

There are a number of ag organizations out there today, but when it comes to setting policy, the Kansas Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) sets itself apart. When producer members met at the annual business meeting in November, members had the opportunity to address each current policy and voted to put resolutions on a ballot for every voting member to receive by mail.

“This is something that makes KCA unique. While some organizations are structured where a select few make policy decisions for the entire membership, KCA producers each receive a mail-in ballot. Our annual business meeting provides the opportunity for members to put initiatives onto the ballot, and then the official ballot gets mailed to every producer member. KCA completes the process in December with the Board of Directors counting ballots, and we now have the results,” stated KCA Executive Director Tyler Dupy.

This year, the membership voted on 28 policies, renewing 24 current policies that were set to expire. Renewed policies include supporting state and federal legislation involvement, value added programs, mandatory price reporting and country of origin labeling. KCA has a long history of standing against captive supply and once again voted to support the elimination of non-negotiated base price captive supplies.

“A Cattle rustling resolution was again on the ballot this year. With state legislation nearing, KCA will advocate for stricter laws and will work with legislators to stiffen the penalty of cattle rustling and livestock theft,” Dupy commented.

A new resolution to support private property rights also passed with a full membership vote.

“Our members develop and decide the direction of the organization. They choose which issues to support by writing the policies, presenting them to the membership, and finally putting them to a full membership vote. KCA is truly an organization for producers, by producers,” Dupy continued.

The mail-in ballot included candidates for the Board. Three positions are set to be vacated. Those voted to lead the association as part of the Board are Spencer Crowther (Hanover, KS), Landon Shaw (Galva, KS) and Alan Stewart (Bronson, KS). The three new Board members will take their positions in April.

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