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KCA Wraps Convention, Trade Show, and Business Meeting

The 23rd Annual Kansas Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) Convention & Trade Show took place November 12th and 13th, 2021 at the Courtyard by Marriott in Junction City, KS. KCA brought together experts from around the country to share the most up-to-date information and education in the cattle industry. The convention kicked off with Policy Review Sessions, where members came together to go over and recommend changes to expiring and existing policies, as well as to propose new resolutions.

Friday’s schedule was full of panels and presentations. The morning started with Robert and Marcia Merry Baker, who discussed world economic conditions and climate change. They discussed the transition of real production investments into green finance and decarbonization compliance. Mike Zuzolo of Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting provided commodity update and analysis related to Currencies, China, and Competition. Zuzolo discussed inflation, possible future recessions, and peak red meat supplies and feed supplies. Finally, Zuzolo discussed the stagnation of fake meat consumption, although referencing possibility for foreign demand increases.

Dr. Jim Drouillard of Kansas State University provided a keynote presentation during the Friday Cattlemen’s Business Luncheon. He discussed his Beef Checkoff Funded research affecting consumer perceptions of beef by implementing a simple feeding strategy by the enrichment of beef with omega-3 fatty acids. The research aims to provide characterization of fatty acid profiles throughout the beef carcass, and impact of dietary supplementation with sources of omega3 fatty acids on carcass attributes.

Steve Redd of Redd Summit Advisors discussed Pasture, Ranchland, and Forage (PRF) Insurance. PRF is a federally subsidized program that provides insurance coverage on grazing acres, owned or lease. PRF was designed to protect rancher’s operation from the risks that come due to a lack of precipitation. Ranchers are able to receive indemnity payments when rainfall in their area is less than the 70-year average. Redd Summit Advisors are able to calculate multiple years back on client acreage to determine past performance of the program.

The presentations for the day closed with a panel of cattle producers discussing direct to consumer marketing. Lee Robbins, Steve Stratford, and Bernie Hansen answered questions regarding the possibility of producer-owned packing facilities, identifying opportunities for adding value for producers, and various barriers of entry into the commercial meat packing supply chain.

Saturday presentations began with Dr. Kevin Cain of Multimin USA. He provided information on how trace minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Selenium and Manganese are important for optimal immune function and reproduction in cattle. Dr. Cain discussed how trace mineral management is critical to profitability, and that Multimin90 can help to balance the levels of trace minerals for proper immune function, cellular energy and protein production, essential structural components of the body, and hormone production.

Jordan Gottlieb with New York Life Insurance Company discussed Farm & Ranch transition and estate planning. He discussed reasons and approaches for creating a plan for operation ownership transitions. Dr. Tom Noffsinger, veterinarian and owner/member of Production Animal Consultation, Pierson Precision Auscultation and the Cattle Performance Enhancement Company presented attendees with expert education and knowledge on caregiver impact on cattle health, wellbeing, and performance.

Karina Jones with R-Calf USA and Lia Biondo of U.S. Cattlemen’s Association provided updates for each organization, discussing priorities and actions they have taken throughout the year in support of independent cattle producers. Attendees were provided time for questions and answers, where Jones and Biondo each responded with national policy information.

KCA Members took part in the annual social and KCA benefit auction. KCA member, Andy Miller, auctioneered. Up for auction were over 70 items donated by members, exhibitors and sponsors ranging from apparel, show tickets, and mineral. The auction was concluded with the annual heifer auction generously donated by Gary & Annette Schreiber of Schreiber Red Angus. The heifer was rolled over and eventually sold to Nicole Pfrang.


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