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Animal Health and Wellness Covered During KCA Regional Meeting in Dodge City

Kansas Cattlemen’s Association (KCA), in partnership with Multimin USA, hosted a regional cattlemen’s meeting at Winter Livestock in Dodge City on the evening of May 18th to discuss industry topics. The technical director for Multimin USA, Dr. Kevin Cain, discussed mineral injections and their effect on breeding and calving. Animal Health Commissioner, Dr. Justin Smith, provided detailed information on the Animal Health Department at the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Kevin Cain provided information on how trace minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Selenium and Manganese are important for optimal immune function and reproduction in cattle. He discussed how trace mineral management is critical to profitability, and that Multimin90 can help to balance the levels of trace minerals for proper immune function, cellular energy and protein production, essential structural components of the body, and hormone production.

Cain explained that when injected at the time needed by the animal, Multimin90 minerals are absorbed into and transported via the bloodstream, so any antagonists are bypassed. The results are higher pregnancy rates, higher predictability with calving times, improved heifer performance, elevated immunity, and higher condition scores.

Finally, Cain explained the ease of use of Multimin90 at all levels of the operation: calf, heifer, cow, and bulls. Multimin90 is veterinarian supplied and the vets should have detailed specifications and dosing information.

The meeting included an overview of KCA and policy positions with the CEO of KCA, Tyler Dupy. He touched on how KCA’s focus within the Beef industry is geared toward the interests of independent cattle production. Dupy spoke about many industry topics including: the beef checkoff referendum petition, cattle market issues and news, land rights, alternative proteins, and more.

Dr. Justin Smith began with an explanation of the departments which fall under the Division of Animal Health within the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA), including: Animal Disease Control, Brands Program, Animal Facility Inspection, and Emergency Management, as well as the Animal Health Advisory Board and the Pet Animal Advisory Board.

Dr. Smith continued, touching on discussed Foreign Animal Disease investigations completed by the Animal Health Department and also discussed Trichomoniasis and its affected counties. Following, he touched on legislation relating to the Animal Health Department, including a bill signed by the Governor providing for RFID tag cost recovery and licensing standardization.

Attendees were served a USA-Beef supper courtesy of the sponsors of the meeting: Multimin USA, Central States Testing, SarTec, High Plains Farm Credit, Livestock Nutrition Center, Blattner Feedlot Construction & Livestock Equipment, American Implement, Dodge City International, Swihart Sales Company, Midwest Mixer Service, Rex Stanley Feed Yards, Pride Ag Resources, Winter Livestock, Double B&S Cattle Co, Roto-Mix, Nutrition Solutions, and Tracer Minerals.


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