Ballot Results

The Kansas Cattlemen’s Association Board of Directors met on December 17, 2018 to certify the ballot results of the 2018 KCA Annual Membership Policy Ballot. The ballot consisted of fourteen existing policy renewals, two policy modifications, four proposed resolutions, a membership directive, and election of officers.

Ballot Item Action Ballot Item #1: Value Added Programs Renewed Ballot Item #2: COOL Renewed Ballot Item #3: Packer Ban Renewed Ballot Item #4: National ID Plan Renewed Ballot Item #5: KS Anti-Trust Law Renewed Ballot Item #6: KS Brand Law Renewed Ballot Item #7: Energy Renewed Ballot Item #8: Humane Horse Handling Renewed Ballot Item #9: Animal Welfare Renewed Ballot Item #10: Water Rights Renewed Ballot Item #11: Wild & Feral Horses Renewed Ballot Item #12: KCA as a Plaintiff WTO Renewed Ballot Item #13: KS Corporate Farming Law Renewed Ballot Item #14: Beef Checkoff FOIA Renewed Ballot Item #15: Bio-Security Approved Ballot Item #16: Disaster Assistance Approved Ballot Item #17: Silk Road Adopted Ballot Item #18: Glass-Steagall Adopted Ballot Item #19: Test Tube Meat Adopted Ballot Item #20: Alternative Proteins Adopted Ballot Item #21: USCA Affiliation Rejected

Board of Directors Brian Stewart Elected Daryl Larson Elected John Ney Elected

Full versions of the updated membership resolutions and bylaws will be posted to the KCA website on January 1, 2019. You may also request a copy of the resolutions by emailing KCA at

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