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KCA Regional Meeting in Moline Explored Effects of Neospora and BVD

Kansas Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) hosted a regional cattle producer’s meeting in Moline, Kansas on May 2, 2018. The meeting took place at the Moline Grade School/Hornet’s Nest gymnasium. A free USA-Beef meal was served.

The meeting included a policy presentation with KCA as well as a presentation by expert veterinarian and President of SEK Genetics, Dr. Don Coover. Coover discussed managing risks of BVD and Neospora. Ron Kramer of Idexx Laboratories was also in attendance to answer questions.

Dr. Coover discussed Neospora canimum, a disorder found worldwide, and considered the most common cause of abortion in dairy and beef cattle in many parts of the USA. Infections are most common from eating infected material, generally spread through contaminated feces. One control method is to test for the disease and remove infected cattle from the herd. Dr. Coover recommended to test and be aware of Neospora, remember animals that test positive are at much higher risk of pregnancy loss, males are dead end hosts, and to always test recips for Neospora.

Next Dr. Coover discussed BVD. According to Merck, BVD was the most commonly diagnosed virus in bovine abortion cases. Persistent infection is of critical importance. Persistently infected (PI) calves are born that way and they will die that way. Coover recommended getting educated, stating, “if you aren’t scared to death of BVD, you don’t know enough about it.” Dr. Coover discussed the importance of testing for BVD. Key elements included: a PI cow will always have a PI calf, you must test every animal directly or indirectly, don’t test the cow, test the calf, pooling samples is a bad technique for testing, and the tests must be accurate. Observations of herds can be somewhat misleading when considering BVD, however if things aren’t adding up, too much pinkeye, scours, foot-rot, pneumonia, and sudden death, think BVD.

KCA staff provided a policy presentation update of active legislation and regulations during the meeting. CEO and Executive Director, Tyler Dupy, discussed KCA and its work for independent cattle producers. He also discussed projects in the pipeline for KCA and answered attendee questions.

Linden Stueve with Copeland Insurance discussed the new State Auto Indemnity Program and Partnership with KCA. Through the program, members of KCA are potentially eligible to receive a dividend back for their State Auto farm and ranch coverage, at no extra cost.

This event was made possible by these generous sponsors: Goode Ranch, Mills Cattle, PrairieLand Partners, Flyin’ 3 Veterinary Service, Idexx Laboratories, RCB Bank, SEK Genetics, Eureka Livestock Sales, Family Tree Meats, Prairieland Vet Services, Mills Feed & Supply, Howard State Bank, State Auto Farm & Ranch Insurance, WaterTight Roofing, R-Bar Cattle Co. - Ronnie & Wah-Leeta Rogers, Jacot Ranch, and Steen Lister Livestock Transportation.

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