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KCA Comments on Policy Relating to “Fake Meat” and Dietary Guidelines

Kansas Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) recently made comment on two pieces of policy. The first was in response to a petition filed by the United States Cattlemen’s Association regarding laboratory-grown meat. The other was in response to a request for comment on Dietary Guidelines.

KCA commented in support of the recent petition to limit the definition of “beef” and “meat” to only products from live animals born, raised and harvested in the traditional manner. KCA stated the “beef” and “meat” labels should inform consumers that the products are from animals harvested in the traditional manner, as opposed to derived from alternative proteins or artificially grown in laboratories.

As such, the definitions of “beef” and “meat” should be limited to animals born, raised, and processed in the traditional manner, regardless of the country of origin. Synthetic products and products grown in labs from animal cells should thus not qualify to be labeled as “beef” or as “meat.”

USDA requested public comment as the initial step in the development of the 2018 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The current guidelines run to 2020. The Dietary Guidelines serve as the cornerstone of federal nutrition programs and policies, providing food-based recommendations to help prevent dietary chronic diseases and promote overall health. KCA praised the numerous benefits of meat protein, including lean beef, citing studies on lean meats and diabetes control, healthy cholesterol as part of Beef in an Optimum Lean Diet (BOLD), and beef as a source of iron in the diet.

KCA also raised question to the validity of lab-grown products. We requested they be excluded in the guideline’s definitions of “beef” and “meat” separating fake meat from traditional, wholesome beef.

The Dietary Guidelines process has many steps, with a final guideline allowing for further public comment as well. KCA will continue to monitor the progress of the development of the next guidelines, and will continue to work to ensure beef is included as part of a well-balanced diet.

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