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David & Ginny Pfrang Awarded 2017 Legacy Award

KCA awarded the 2017 Legacy Award on October 27, at the annual convention and trade show. This year, the award was given jointly to David & Ginny Pfrang of Nemaha county.

David & Ginny Pfrang are farmers and ranchers from Goff, Kansas. As independent agriculturalists, the Pfrangs have been influential in improving the industry for the benefit of cattlemen throughout the state and country. Being on the forefront of checkoff reform for more than 20 years, their mission has been to instill integrity to the Beef Checkoff and to ensure that funds directly benefit those that pay into the program. David Pfrang joined Kansas Cattlemen’s Association as a member in 1999. Serving on the KCA Board of Directors for two different terms, Pfrang has held multiple positions on the executive committee including Treasurer, Vice-President, and President. Whether he was a director or just in the role of a general member, David Pfrang has always been actively involved in KCA.

At many farm shows, attendees can visit with the Pfrangs as they volunteer at the KCA booth. David always enjoys striking up conversations about the latest news and issues facing producers. David & Ginny also host a number of events in northeast Kansas, from regional meetings to fundraising, that bring awareness to how regulations and policies are impacting his neighbors, friends, and fellow cattlemen.

Not only are the Pfrangs active in the cattle industry, community service is an important factor as well. They continue to be active in their local community, church and the schools. One might use “determined” as a way to best describe David Pfrang, but he always remains light hearted and uses humor and excitement to drive his point across. “The biggest thing that gets me in trouble is that I get involved,” he laughingly says.

Watching bureaucracy at work and how improvements and needed change come at such a slow pace, the Pfrangs are always pushing to speed up the processes to make a positive difference in all aspects of rural life and agriculture.

Although passionate about industry issues and community service, the Pfrangs are most proud to be the parents of three beautiful and smart daughters, Nicole, Keri, and Alena.

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