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Member Alert: Call on Congress to Support COOL

The US House Ag Committee successfully and overwhelmingly passed a bill which amends the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to repeal country of origin labeling requirements with respect to beef, pork, and chicken. Representatives Yoder and Jenkins have signed on as cosponsors of this bill. It is expected to be debated on the floor of the House of Representatives in the coming days.

On behalf of consumers and producers, please contact your Representatives today to urge him or her to oppose House Bill 2393, the bill which repeals COOL.

The US Senate is formulating a plan as well with regard to COOL. Now is the time to contact Senators Roberts and Moran, and express your support for COOL.

A repeal of COOL threatens the livelihoods of every independent producer, the rights of consumers, and the sovereignty of our country. The US House is taking swift and total action to kill COOL, while the US Senate speaks of a compromise. Speak up for COOL today, or all that has been gained for producers with the implementation could be compromised for the benefit of foreign and big packer interests.


Tim Huelskamp, 1st District - (202) 225-2715

Lynn Jenkins, 2nd District - (202) 225-6601

Kevin Yoder, 3rd District - (202) 225-2865

Mike Pompeo, 4th District - (202) 225-6216


Pat Roberts – (202) 224-4774

Jerry Moran – (202) 224-6521

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