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Kansas Cattlemen Still Committed to the Support of COOL

The World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL), enabling Canada and Mexico to continue the process intended to seek restitution for claimed damages against the US stemming from its implementation of the law. The Kansas Cattlemen’s Association remains committed to COOL and the success of the independent cattle producer. This ruling challenges the sovereignty of our nation and our rights as producers and consumers. KCA remains focused on maintaining balanced and fair trade policies including the consumer’s right to know the country of origin of the food they purchase for consumption.

KCA requests the U.S. Congress and the Administration proceed with caution in response to the WTO ruling. Moving swiftly as mongered by the multi-national meat packing lobbies will merely lead to unqualified, emotional decisions. The validity of the USDA COOL Report should be called into question, as well as data, evidence, and reports provided by the multi-national meat packing lobbies. The evidence denouncing COOL is primarily the work of the select few within the industry, and does not necessarily represent the industry with respect to independent producers. Grossly overstated implementation expenses combined with a mixed message of consumer disconnect and a bullish tribunal from WTO does not provide the grounds to rewrite our laws.

COOL was born, raised, and should not be slaughtered in the United States of America. To weaken or repeal COOL strikes at the very pride producers have for the wholesome, affordable, and quality product they work so hard to provide. KCA stands committed to producers, committed to consumers, and committed to the sovereignty of our great country.

The Kansas Cattlemen’s Association is fully funded by member dues and donations. Voting KCA members are independent cattle and agriculture producers.

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