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Member Alert: Amendment to be Offered to Protect Producers from Packer Retaliation

KCA closely monitors what is going on in Washington D.C. and has just been notified that debates on the agriculture appropriations bill could be this afternoon. Some good news to report is that Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) will offer an amendment to ALLOW USDA to implement some of the livestock/GIPSA protections that have been in jeopardy.

The amendment would allow USDA to finalize two protections for farmers: 1) prevent meatpackers and poultry companies from retaliating against farmers that speak out about their contracts or marketing agreements or form farmer associations that address unfair contract conditions; 2) prevent hog and poultry companies from concealing the statistical information used to calculate the pay farmers receive.

Please call your Representative and encourage him/her to VOTE FOR THE PINGREE AMENDMENT. Again, this vote could take place as early as this afternoon.

Rep. Huelskamp 202-225-2715

Rep. Jenkins 202-225-6601

Rep. Yoder 202-225-2865

Rep. Pompeo 202-225-6216

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