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KCA to Host Regional Meeting in White City December 7

Kansas Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) will host a regional cattlemen’s meeting on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 6:00 pm in White City, KS. The meeting will be held at Dub C Grill & Bar, 107 E. Mackenzie St., White City, Kansas. A free USA-Beef meal will be served.

KCA leadership will discuss industry topics and policy relating to independent cattle production and other KCA initiatives. Topics of discussion will include cattle markets legislation, 30x30, Beef Checkoff, Alternative Proteins, and more.

Dr. Justin Smith, Kansas Animal Health Commissioner will provide an update on the Animal Health Department. He will share disease information relative to the region and various protocols for identifying, diagnosing, treating, and reporting livestock related infections. Following his presentation, Dr. Smith will accept questions from attendees.

Jim Pinegar, Kansas Brands Investigator will discuss his work and provide an update on cattle theft throughout the state. Pinegar will also discuss cattle theft in general, ways to prevent being the target of cattle theft, and how best to report and preserve evidence.

KCA events provide the opportunity to hear cattle industry information, meet with other independent cattle producers, and learn about the Kansas Cattlemen’s Association. Please feel free to invite your neighbors and friends to come along.

The presentations and supper are free and open to the public. To ensure enough food for everyone please RSVP by calling 785-238-1483.


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