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Beef Eaters Brace For Disappointment While Dining Out

There is a growing trend in the restaurant menu-building model, and it is not all positive for beef producers. Consumers have watched a recent trend of beef products diminish from restaurant menus across the nation, and in some cases, there are none at all.

Steakhouses have even shifted menus away from beef. Of two large nationwide steakhouse chains: shrimp, salmon, chicken sandwiches, chicken wings, and pork ribs all compete with the prize of the menu: delicious juicy steaks. In one case, you have 4 steak options and 7 alternative entrees which do not include steak. It’s a sad world when chicken tenders stand up on a menu next to the all-mighty steak!

Moving out of the steakhouse venues, steak is the only star for beef at the World’s largest sandwich shop. Subway has begun a campaign of removing the All-American “roast beef” from its offerings. That’s right! No more roast beef sandwiches.0

Finally, the restaurant chains most aligned with beef are the burger joints. Nearly 15% of American meals, including breakfasts, are the hamburger. So why is one of the big 5, Burger King, constantly assaulting it’s bread & butter? They tout fake meat in their advertising campaigns and spread false-narratives about cattle production. It’s a kick to the gut for all independent cattle producers, and their marketing is downright insulting our intelligence.

Kudos to Arby’s! They stand behind beef and real food, so we can overlook their side-hustle with the lowly chicken wings.


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