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New Initiative Connects Consumers and Beef Producers

In response to a growing number of people searching for local and online meat sales, the Kansas Beef Council (KBC) has created a digital platform to directly connect consumers looking to purchase beef with those who produce it. The online Kansas beef listing site also will provide information on how beef is produced. “Kansas is a top beef-producing state, and chances are if a consumer buys a steak at the grocery store, they are buying a steak that had a hoofprint in Kansas, maybe even their local community,” said Kevin Thielen, KBC executive director. “So, whether a consumer purchases their steaks from the grocery store, the meat market on Main Street, or from a beef producer they found through this resource, we want them to know their beef is safe, wholesome and delicious.” The new portal will be available to the public in June and will allow beef producers to share their contact information, including a website and social media platforms. The listing is free to Kansas beef producers and will be strategically targeted through Google ad campaigns to consumers searching for direct sale and online beef sources.

“Not all consumers will have the available cash or freezer space to purchase a bundle, quarter, side or whole beef,” said Scott Stebner, KBC director of communications. “However, for consumers who are actively researching the option of purchasing their beef in this way, we want to be a science-based and convenient resource for them. We want this fact-based information to show up in their Google searches.” There recently have been several new resources and efforts seeking to connect consumers to a wide range of farmers and ranchers selling their crops and livestock. KBC hopes to build upon these efforts and leverage a multitude of digital assets and techniques to be a positive and effective contribution to this growing segment of the industry. “I believe any effort to get consumers and producers talking together is time well-spent,” said Stebner. KBC currently is accepting submissions to be included in the directory. Kansas beef producers looking to add their operation to the listing can submit their information HERE.

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