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Legislative Alert

The Kansas Legislature returns to session today! Prior to the turnaround deadline and short break, the House of Representatives ran out of time to pass House Bill 2437. The bill requires accurate labeling of fake meat products.

When fake products are marketed with meat terms like "beef", "meat", "jerky", "hamburger", etc., the bill will require a visible disclaimer on the label that states, "this product does not contain meat," "meatless," or "meat-free".

Fortunately, the bill was referred to the Committee on Appropriations, an exempt committee, and therefore is not subject to the same turnaround deadline as non-exempt bills. Subsequently, the bill can now be worked any time before the end of the session.

We need to keep this bill on the legislative calendar! We ask that you continue to contact your representative and ask they support HB 2437.


The package below of Beyond Meat is currently being offered for sale by grocery stores among real beef products in actual meat cases. It has been modified to demonstrate potential compliance of the bill by adding "MEATLESS" over the current "Plant-Based Ground" claim.

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