Ballot Item # 17 TEST TUBE MEAT

Whereas, animal-based proteins and meat products are developed and grown in a laboratory for mass production and human consumption. 


And Whereas, livestock producers raise livestock in a manner which meets or exceeds all government regulations and industry accepted standards, harvests and processes livestock under inspection by the United States Department of Agriculture, and is for all purposes deemed a “wholesome” product,


Be It Resolved, KCA supports the definition of beef to only include products derived from actual livestock traditionally born, raised, and harvested. 


Be It Further Resolved, KCA strongly opposes any critique, definition, label or reference for any food product traditionally raised and inspected as anything other than “clean” as it is a fallacy of composition and misleading advertisement.  KCA supports any and all restrictions for alternatives and/or laboratory harvests from defining a product as “clean meat” for the purposes of alluding that traditionally raised protein as something other than clean, wholesome, healthy, and/or safe. 


Ballot Item #18 Alternative Proteins

Whereas, alternative sources of protein, other than beef, are being labeled and promoted as comparable for and to beef,


Whereas, the use of traditional beef terminology such as “hamburger,” “cheeseburger,” “ground beef,” etc. on alternative products is misleading to consumers and weakens the value of products derived from actual livestock production,


Be It Resolved, KCA supports preventing alternative protein from being permitted to associate alternative protein, (both plant-based and those derived from livestock) products as “beef,” a “beef” substitute, nor a “beef” equivalent in a way that is misleading or intends to deceive the consumer.